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base genome feature or position (chrN:from-to)  
Genome Alignment in ECR Browser :: Align your sequence to a genome

ECR Browser Guide

Keyboard shortcuts
o - zoom out 3x,  i - zoom in 3x,  > - shift to the right,  < - shift to the left,  l - flip the plot,  g - genome selection window,  p - parameters window,  c - highlight coreECRs,  r - reset parameters to defaults,  f - refresh the page,  a - additional alignments,  m - main gene annotation,  z - blastz-based genome alignment

Citing ECR Browser
    I. Ovcharenko, M.A. Nobrega, G.G. Loots, and L. Stubbs, Nucleic Acids Research, 32, W280-W286 (2004) [PDF]